Japanese Electronics Giant Adopts Storage Connectivity

Fujitsu Ltd. selected Adaptec’s Ultra 160 SCSI technology for storage connectivity within Fujitsu’s teamserver/GRANPOWER5000 PC server products. The integrated products are expected to be ready for shipment in March 2000. “Signing customers like Fujitsu provides further validation that Ultra 160 is rapidly gaining a foothold in the computing marketplace, and Adaptec is the technology enabler for this trend,” says Lee Caswell, Adaptec’s OEM server, workstation, and software director. Targeted at the mainstream server market, the Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 provides high performance on a single-channel 64-bit PCI cad with both internal and external connections to Ultra 160 SCSI hard disk drives. Adaptec’s dual-processor Ultra 160 SCSI controller is the industry’s first such device and has been accepted by several major server manufacturers as the foundation for this rapidly adopted storage connectivity standard.

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