Installing the XML for SQL Web Release

With the release of SQL Server 2000, the SQL Server development team shifted into Internet speed in its quest to add features and functionality to the database system. Instead of providing new features through periodic service packs, the team is making SQL Server enhancements available on Microsoft's Web site.

To install the latest SQL Server 2000 Web Release, XML for SQL, simply point your browser to, then copy the xml for sql.exe program to your system. The xml for sql.exe program is a self-extracting executable program that you must run on your SQL Server system. Executing the program automatically starts the install program.

At the time of this writing, the XML for SQL Web Release was in beta testing, but it should be in release form about the time this issue hits your desk. This Web Release replaces sqlisapi.dll and OLE DB Provider for Extensions for XML, which Microsoft released with SQL Server 2000. In addition to minor bug fixes, this Web Release includes support for two new XML integration features: updategrams and bulk load. As the accompanying article explains, updategrams let you update SQL Server tables based on the contents of XML documents. Bulk load is a new utility that loads large XML documents into a SQL Server database faster than regular updategrams can.

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