Indigo Previews On-line

I’ve been hearing a lot about Indigo over the last few months from my developer buddies.  Most of the time, I hear the developers at Quest Software (, where I work, talking about Indigo and Avalon in animated tones a table or two over at lunch time.  By the time I sit my tray down at the table with them, the conversation quickly moves on to other topics, usually SQL Server 2005 or the latest tools that we’re working on at Quest (  


It feels a lot like when you, a non-smoker, walk by those little clusters of smokers outside the building who are having their own private discussions.  The conversation always stops when you approach and if you ask them what they’re talking about they always say “Nothin’” and grin.  Ya, I hear ya!  I gotta join the club to get in on that conversation.  Maybe it’s the same way with the developers - I don’t have enough developer ‘mojo’ to hold my own in a conversation about these topics.  Or…maybe they really would rather talk about SQL Server 2005.


So I was excited to hear that this week, from Quest developer Lee Grissom (a non-smoker incidentally) that Microsoft had released a "Tech Preview" introduction of Indigo at:  It’s written by David Chappell as an excerpt from his upcoming book published by Addison-Wesley. 


So where have you been reading about Indigo?  And now to further ask – what’s this Avalon thing I heard whispers about?





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