Idera SQL Admin Toolset Available Today

Jeff James, Megan Bearly, and I had a conversation with Rick Pleczko, the president and CEO of Idera. He was very excited about the new SQL Admin Toolset that Idera made available today. I have to admit it sounds pretty nifty--a set of 24 snap-in type tools that SQL Server DBAs and developers can use to solve problems "right there and then," as Pleczko says. He also said that there was a lot of interest in this toolset throughout the beta phase, with over 8,000 downloads.

The set consists of 24 tools that administrators have told Idera they need to help with problems in the areas of performance and availability, backup and recovery, security, configuration management and more. Tools in the set fall into the catgories of diagnostic, administration, and analytics.

The price for the toolset is $495 per user/per machine, and according to Pleczko "there is nothing else like this in the administration space." You can check out the toolset for yourself at Look for special pricing until the end of June.

For a fun way to learn more about your favorite SQL Server technologies, check out the videos Mike Otey recommends at SQL Server Videos on YouTube.

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