I installed SQL Server 7.0 without installing Full-Text Search. Now I want to add Full-Text Search, but BackOffice setup indicates it's already installed. What can I do?

A. You've encountered a bug in BackOffice Server (BOS). When you install SQL Server 7.0 from the BackOffice 4.5 setup or when you install SQL Server 7.0 and select a typical SQL Server installation, by default, the Full-Text Search isn't installed. However, after a successful installation of SQL Server 7.0 (without installing Full-Text Search), if you decide to install the Full-Text Search using BackOffice 4.5 custom setup, the system doesn't let you. If you expand SQL Server 7.0, Server Components in the BackOffice Custom Installation dialog box, you'll see that the Full-Text Search option is selected and dimmed, falsely indicating that you've already installed the service.

Instead of using BackOffice 4.5 custom setup, you can use the SQL Server installation routine to install the Full-Text Search. To do this, locate and then run the following file from BackOffice CD-ROM 2:

Setupsql.exe searches for installed components, then displays a Select Components dialog box. Select the Full-Text Search check box and continue the installation.
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