How to Influence Microsoft

I feel that I have no channel for providing feedback to Microsoft. Can I influence the features that Microsoft puts in SQL Server?

You can provide direct feedback to the SQL Server development team through a forum that it responds to: [email protected] SQL Server program managers monitor this email alias, and team members log and track each request in a feature-request database. Your feature requests to this list are important, even if you think someone has already asked for them. In fact, the development team has added some features because many users requested them through sqlwish.

Recently a reader asked me how to create foreign key relationships between tables in different databases. He knows that he could use triggers or user-defined functions (UDFs) embedded in a check constraint, but he prefers to use Declarative Referential Integrity (DRI) because it's simpler to maintain and eliminates a lot of coding. However, SQL Server doesn't support a way to use DRI between tables in different databases. If you think this is a feature you'd like SQL Server to support, send your request to sqlwish—I have. The more requests that Microsoft gets for this feature, the more likely it is that the team will add the feature.

If you want to request a feature to be included in the next release of SQL Server, send the request soon. Microsoft will probably release Yukon in early to mid-2003, and the cutoff date for adding new features is approaching quickly.

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