GTE Selects PC DOCS/Fulcrum

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. announced that GTE chose PC DOCS/Fulcrum document management products as its companywide standard. GTE already is deploying plans for CyberDOCS and DOCS Open throughout the company. Because GTE had several databases and incompatible document management systems operating over various networking platforms, the company needed a companywide document management solution that was Web-ready, scalable, flexible, easy-to-use, and capable of handling complex documents, according to Dick Jablonski, GTE's director of Integrated Systems Planning. CyberDOCS allows users to find documents, collaborate, and maintain security through a familiar interface. "The option to move into the Web arena is very important when you're dealing with employees all around the world. CyberDOCS offers cost-effective and efficient Web document management, \[which will\] . play an increasingly important role in the future of GTE," says Jablonski. DOCS Open, PC DOCS/Fulcrum's client-server document management product, is functional and flexible. DOCS Imaging and DOCS Binder, DOCS Open add-ons, influenced GTE to standardize PC DOCS/Fulcrum products, according to Jablonski.

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