A Great Data Recovery Webcast

You know the true definition of stress if you've ever had to recover data from a corrupt, suspect, or just plain messed up database.  If you want to reduce the pain of this experience (and I can tell you from experience that it's very painful), then learn how to handle this problem ahead of time by watching this great webcast by uber-PSS team lead Bob Ward.

Bob is a favorite speaker at PASS and presents some of the best techniques and tips for remediation that I've yet encountered.  You don't want to miss this.  Best of all, when you go through the URL to get the webcast on-demand there is a link to pull down all the scripts Bob used in the demos, including some sample corrupt databases for you play around with.

Believe me, there's no better time to fix the roof than when it's sunny.  So learn how to deal with corrup data today instead of some 11:30 pm evening when you'd rather be at home with the spouse and kids.



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