The GotDotNet Codegallery

I believe that most people enjoy other people.  It's just part of our nature.  And that even applies to us techies.  Yes, we have a reputation for being anti-social.  But even those anti-social uber-techies who hole up in the cubical late into the night like to congregate with others, but just in an on-line virtual community.

A great example of that is the GotDotNet Codegallery at

There are all sorts of cool open-source projects open there that you can join and participate in.  Here's one, for example:

The Enterprise Development Reference Architecture (EDRA) – previously code named "Shadowfax" – provides architectural guidance that an organization can use to standardize and improve the development of distributed systems. EDRA includes an extensible application framework, four QuickStarts, an application template, and supporting documentation. The Global Bank Reference Implementation (GBRI) is also available, which is a sample application that uses patterns & practices guidance (including EDRA) in an online banking scenario.

There are at least a half-dozen more projects for you to look at reusing.  Let me know if this helps!

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