Do you have SQL Server 2000 Beta 2? A recent SQL Server Magazine UPDATE Instant Poll revealed that 68 percent of 450 survey respondents wanted Beta 2 but didn’t have it yet. Another 22 percent already had the product, and the remaining 10 percent weren’t interested in SQL Server 2000. As reported in SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, Microsoft is making Beta 2 broadly available. In the United States and Canada, the beta costs $9.95; you can order it from the Microsoft Developer’s Toolbox \[\]. Outside the United States and Canada, Beta 2 costs $14.95 (USD) and can be ordered from the Toolbox’s international page \[\]. Microsoft also is sending a free copy of SQL Server 2000 Beta 2 automatically to Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Universal subscribers (in their July shipments) and to members of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS). MSDN Universal members can also access the beta online at SQL Server 2000 Beta 2 features XML and HTTP standards, scalability and performance enhancements that let you partition workloads and ensure uptime, and advanced management and tuning capabilities. Representing the next-generation of scalable Web applications built on Windows DNA, SQL Server 2000 Beta 2 comes in Enterprise, Standard, and Personal editions.

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