Get Kudos for Your SQL Server Innovations

Get Kudos for Your SQL Server Innovations

Are you a SQL Server innovator? If you think so, you might want to submit a solution you’ve developed during the past year to the fifth-annual SQL Server Magazine Innovators Awards contest. I’m ashamed to admit that the summer has slipped away from me and I should have remembered to encourage you to participate in this contest a few weeks ago. You must have your contest entry in by September 1, which is tomorrow--assuming you’re an avid SQL Server Magazine UPDATE reader and are reading this editorial on August 31!

How will the contest be judged? Well, the word “innovator” in the name should be a big clue. This contest doesn’t necessarily award the biggest SQL Server implementation. Instead, it pays homage to teams and individuals in the SQL Server community who are doing new and interesting things with SQL Server and its related products. The contest Web site’s description explains what matters in your entry. You might be a SQL Server innovator if your solution:

  • uses Microsoft SQL Server technology
  • blends technical know-how with creative, innovative problem solving
  • solves a tough business challenge
  • has brought tangible benefits to your organization, such as cost savings, improved user productivity, better customer service, or help in achieving regulatory compliance

What can you win? Needless to say, you’ll win the praise and admiration of your peers in the SQL Server community--and who could possibly ask for more than that? However, to sweeten the pot, three grand-prize winners will receive:

  • a complimentary conference pass to SQL Server Magazine Connections (including airfare), which will be held in Las Vegas November 6-9
  • a one-year VIP subscription to SQL Server Magazine
  • a writeup about your solution, which will appear in the January 2007 issue of SQL Server Magazine
  • and most important, a really cool trophy!

Three runners up will receive:

  • discounted registration for SQL Server Connections in Las Vegas this fall
  • a one-year print subscription to SQL Server Magazine
  • and a really cool T-shirt

You’ll find more information about the contest, including a complete list of all the rules and entry requirements at . But you’d better hurry! Enter today--and good luck!

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