Firefox Browser - Review

You may have seen the IE tips I posted earlier this year in my blog.  One reader pointed out that they’re best IE improvement tip was to throw out IE and switch to Mozilla’s Firefox browser.


Well, I took this recommendation to heart and have been using Firefox ever since.  As it turns out, I –really– like this product.  I haven’t really dug very deep into the new and cool features of Firefox, but I’ve already found one feature that I can’t seem to live without – tabbed windows.  With tabbed windows, you can open multiple web pages each on its own tab within a single browser session.  Since I do a lot of research on the web, I often find links to links to links.  The tabbed windows enables me to open all of them and not lose context.


A great on-line resource that I’ve enjoyed for a long time is Dave Taylor’s weblog at  Dave is a professional author who discusses everything under the sun according to the questions of his readers.  He recently added a good article on Firefox that I think all my Firefox readers will enjoy – check out


In addition, you should look up the Mozilla Firefox Tuning Discussion forum at





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