Favorite Features

KF: You’ve been working on this release for a long time and our readers are interested in your opinions about the products. What’s your favorite feature of the release?

Flessner: \[Laughing\] That’s awful of you to ask me. I have all those teams upstairs. I’m way too seasoned to fall into that trap. I love the release, and I’m so proud of the teams for sticking it out.

Somasegar: \[Laughing\] You know, I have two daughters. If you ask me which of my two daughters do I love the most, what do I say?

KF: \[Laughing\] Okay, so what features do you expect to get a lot of buzz?

Flessner: Report Builder and Reporting Services—business intelligence (BI) all up is going to get a lot of buzz. Partitioning on the online transaction processing (OLTP) side is going to get a lot of buzz. The sleeper of the release will be Service Broker. Replication has made huge advances. Across the board, I could go down a long list of stuff: multiple active result sets, snapshots. You know, this is such a big release that everyone is going to get something. A year from now, if you ask 100 DBAs what their favorite feature is, I don’t think you’d settle in on 10. I think it will be a very broad spread because there’s so much in the release.

Somasegar: I can give you the kinds of features I'm excited about. Let me start with developer productivity. We've added support for generics, support for edit-and-continue in Visual Basic .NET and in C#. We have My Classes support in Visual Basic (VB) to help navigate the CLR namespace. We've added code snippets.

Then we have smart client applications. We have the new Click Once technology, which makes it easy to deploy your application, and subsequent updates. We've added support for targeting mobile devices from within Visual Studio (VS). No matter if you’re developing for a device, a Web application, or a smart client application, on average you’ll write 50 to 75 percent less code. That to me is great.

I’m excited about Visual Studio Team System. We're getting into the lifecycle-tools business, where we can pull together a set of tools that work together collaboratively for people within a team environment. That is just huge.

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