Fast Indexing and Returns Enable Data Mining

Quest Software's SQL Turbo (formerly an Imceda product) provided a crucial turnaround for Jeremy Rasmussen, director of a Canadian application service provider. His company provides a private information-intelligence service that lets clients mine massive amounts of their own data. Quick response times are crucial to the success of his business, but as business grew, search times slowed to a crawl.

Jeremy's company saw serious performance degradation when they took on clients who had large data stores. For one client, Jeremy's company found itself working with a couple of 100-million-row tables. The application service provider is running standard editions of SQL Server and Windows Server 2003 on a 4x Xeon 3.4MHz CPU machine with 4GB of RAM. Jeremy's company's main table is 87 columns and the database uses 80GB on the hard disk. "When we started," Jeremy explained, "we were using SQL Server Full Text Search (FTS). Once our database grew to approximately 8GB, not only was the performance so poor it was unusable, but the indexing could not keep up."

SQL Turbo helped solve the company's performance problems. Low search speed is one of the most common obstacles to building a search application for a large SQL Server database. SQL Turbo is a software tool that uses a unique SQL-based search engine to achieve optimum performance for database information retrieval. The tool provides a significant increase in SQL Server's ability to index and search text in large database tables. Features include a fast full-text search, advanced approximate-search and fuzzy-search capabilities, fast retrieval of record-set counts, and easy result-set navigation.

And performance isn't just about search speed. The time it takes to create and update indexes is also important in environments in which data changes frequently. SQL Turbo updates indexes quickly so that display mechanisms such as the Internet need never be out of date.

SQL Turbo is also easy to implement. The tool is fully integrated with SQL Server and accessed through stored procedures, so you don't have to throw away the search development work you've already done. Instead, SQL Turbo increases the performance, data-processing range, and feature set available with your existing SQL Server search. All result sets are returned as normal SQL Server record sets, so you don't have to learn a new API or programming language.

When Jeremy's company implemented the tool, they saw an immediate turnaround. "Once we installed SQL Turbo, the indexing happened very quickly. And results were returned instantly. Even today, with over 100 million rows, we can index our tables in no time at all. And query results continue to be fast."

Jeremy Rasmussen
Toronto, Ontario

SQL Turbo

Quest Software

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