FAQ: Missing SSMS IntelliSense Changes

FAQ: Missing SSMS IntelliSense Changes

See what to do when IntelliSense doesn't recognize your new database objects

Q: I just created several tables in the database that I was working in and Query Editor doesn’t seem to be able to see them. There’s no IntelliSense prompting and the Query Editor is flagging them as errors. I know the tables are there. They are shown in Object Explorer. I have even tried recreating them but nothing seems to help.

A: This is problem with Query Editor’s IntelliSense local cache. The local cache needs to be refreshed in order to see the newest database objects. To manually refresh the local cache go the menu and open the Edit, IntelliSense option. Then select the Refresh Local Cache option that you can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Refresh SSMS IntelliSense Local Cache


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