Evolutionary Technology Increases Client Base

Broadening its reach into the international market, Evolutionary Technology International (ETI) added a record 33 new customers, including several from Latin America and the Asia Pacific. Between April and September 1999, ETI’s client base increased more than 15 percent, including organizations with large numbers of data sources, particularly those building e-business operations that require quick access to systems in response to customer Web inquires. For example, Centrelink, Australia’s largest federal government organization and new ETI customer, provides welfare benefits and employment assistance, and is responsible for processing data from 11 departments at a rate of approximately half a terabyte per week. With diverse systems in place, Centrelink’s Knowledge Team will use ETI•EXTRACT and ETI•Impact Analyst to integrate the disparate systems into its data warehouse architecture. “Unlike other providers we considered, ETI’s products offered unparalleled openness, flexibility, and ability to scale upwards,” says Graham Dillicar, Centrelink Knowledge Team IT manager. Developed to help companies manage data integration more quickly and easily, ETI•EXTRACT automates data consolidation between incompatible systems.

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