EMS SQL Backjup for SQL Server version 15

EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server 1.5 Released

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc., has released the latest version of their SQL Backup for SQL Server tool used for executing multiple maintenance tasks. You can download the newest version of the software online.

Key features of EMS SQL Backup include:

  • Compressing backup files (on any SQL Server version)
  • Reducing backup time up to 4 times (on any SQL Server version)
  • Backup encryption (on any SQL Server version)
  • Support of Cloud Storages (FTP (SSL), SFTP (SSH), Windows network folders(CIFS), Amazon S3)
  • Easy-to-use wizard organizing the log shipping process
  • Ability to perform eight types of maintenance tasks including backup, log shipping, re-indexing, updating statistics, etc.
  • Policy engine to quickly deploy maintenance tasks to multiple servers and to monitor their execution results
  • Centralized monitoring of policies on multiple servers using the user-friendly GUI console
  • A high performance multi-threaded backup
  • Working with Enterprise and BI versions of SQL Server

What's New In SQL Backup for SQL Server 1.5?

  • The built-in scheduler is implemented to execute policies on servers without SQL Server Agent (for example, SQL Server Express). The ability to use SQL Server Agent remains.
  • The remote and local installation of server-side components is improved and simplified:
  • Possibility to save the settings used for remote setup.
  • Numerous hints, messages and validations when setting parameters.
  • Remote install through custom network share in case of absence of ADMIN$.
  • Possibility to specify the port for server instance.
  • Database Shipping: the possibility to ship full database backup from one SQL Server instance to another by schedule.
  • More detailed log for Tasks and Steps. Now the log contains the source data.
  • Improved support of SQL Server 2014.
  • Trial period counter worked incorrectly in some cases. Fixed now.
  • The decompression file errors for some configurations were fixed.
  • At times the shrinking of log files of EMS SQL Backup failed. Fixed now.

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