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Embarcadero Launches Multi-platform DBArtisan XE

Embarcadero Technologies introduced DBArtisan XE, a solution that lets DBAs maximize the performance of their databases regardless of database type. DBArtisan XE helps database administrators manage and optimize the schema, security, performance, and availability of all their databases to diagnose database issues and resolve them faster. DBArtisan XE is also the first Embarcadero product to include Embarcadero ToolCloud as a standard feature. ToolCloud provides centralized licensing and provisioning, plus on-demand tool deployment, to improve tool manageability for IT organizations with multiple users of DBArtisan.

“DBAs worry about whether or not they have a license for a particular platform, and about the time required to learn how to use new administration tools from multiple suppliers – they shouldn’t have to be concerned about these things,” said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of marketing and products, Embarcadero Technologies. “With DBArtisan XE, DBAs have access to a single toolset from which to manage all of their databases and with ToolCloud they have instant access to their tools from anywhere on their network. So now DBAs can focus on doing their jobs rather than worrying about the tools they need to get the job done.” 

DBArtisan starts at $1,100 for five server connections. To learn more or download a free version, visit

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