DWSoft Joins SQL Server Group

DWSoft Corp. is a charter vendor member of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), an independent, user-run association that supports SQL Server technology users by providing professional networks, educational opportunities, and direct Microsoft advocacy. Actively involved with Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 and data warehousing tools for more than two years, DWSoft focuses on the Microsoft Repository and open information models and how they integrate with the data warehousing tools of Microsoft and other framework partners. DWSoft's flagship product, DWGuide, delivers repository information to users via a Web interface, allowing organizations to make the repository a key component of their warehouse strategy. "Our focus is on the use of SQL Server 7.0, metadata, and Microsoft Repository 2.0 to achieve better decision making for data warehouse implementations, \[and\] we see our membership in PASS as a necessary step in achieving this goal," says Saeed Rahimi, DWSoft's CTO.

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