DevTeach Days: Thursday

DevTeach Days: Thursday


I got to know some interesting speakers and learn some interesting things while at DevTeach this week.  So I thought I’d share my lessons learned with you.


Don Kiely - Don gave some really good security sessions at DevTeach.  You can about what Don is up to on his blog:


Peter Debetta – Peter spoke mostly about programming topics relating to SQL Server.  His blog is at 


Randy Dyess – Randy is a prolific author on database security and, one of my favorite topics, Transact-SQL.  There are lots of places to find Randy’s handiwork, including,, and


Julia Lerman – Julia is a .NET MVP and one of the INETA directors.  She’s a prolific and informative blogger on .NET programming issues.  Check out her blog at 


For those who are curious, I was the number one SQL Server speaker last year and also for the event.  This year, I was very much under the weather and I think this had an impact on my scores.  I still wound up scoring quite well with about third overall place among all the speakers with a very high level of attendee response.


There are a lot more speakers to learn from at DevTeach.  Check out to learn more about them.





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