Detect and Prevent Database Attacks with Virtual Patching

Oftentimes, it can take months for a patch to be released that addresses a vulnerability in your SQL Server database--leaving your database open to attacks--and once you have the patch it can be time-consuming to install. In addition, patching often results in server downtime. Sentrigo's new Hedghog vPatch, a virtual patching product, addresses these problems in a unique way.

Hedgehog vPatch simulates patching by providing a security layer that finds and prevents attacks on your database in real time, rather than actually patching the binary. "A security problem is like a hole in a fence. We don’t fix the hole, we put a guard dog in front of the hole to protect against intrusion," said Osnat.

Unlike other security products, Hedgehog vPatch isn't an appliance, but rather subscription-based software. According to Rani Osnat, the vice president of marketing at Sentrigo, Hedgehog vPatch offers several key advantages over appliance-based security products. These advantages include the ease of deployment (the product installs quickly on the database server); the ability to see vulnerabilities that your network wouldn't see from inside or outside your database; and the ability to get patches shortly after database vulnerabilities are discovered.

According to Sentrigo, there's no downtime and applications aren't affected during the installation or updating of patches. In addition, Hedgehog vPatch offers reporting and auditing capabilities to fulfill your compliance needs.

Hedgehog vPatch was released on Tuesday. You can purchase this product for $750 per year, per database CPU. You can learn more about Hedgehog vPatch at

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