Depot America Chooses to Enhance Online Customer Service

Depot America has chosen Instant Service to give its site visitors realtime assistance from a customer service representative (CSR)., a Web-based, realtime customer communications service provider, features text-based chat and co-browsing capabilities. Depot America, a leader in printer service manufacturing, is the first in its industry to offer customers a text-based chat option for live communication across the Web. To initiate live dialogue, a customer clicks the Live Help button to connect to Instant Service with a Depot America CSR. While interacting with a customer through a chat window, the CSR can send a series of Web pages to the customer's desktop to provide more information about the subject or query and provide sales and ordering assistance. "We anticipate that our customers will appreciate the convenience of getting an immediate, personal response via the Web and that our CSRs will benefit from greater productivity," says Donna Salamone, Depot America's customer service team leader.

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