Delphix Releases New Version of Database Virtualization Platform

Delphix Releases New Version of Database Virtualization Platform

Delphix has released a new version of its database virtualization platform, Delphix 3.0. The latest version provides support for SQL Server and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Delphix now fully supports Oracle RAC clusters as virtualizations sources and targets. Users can quickly create virtual copies of Oracle RAC databases for fast and accurate application testing.

In addition, virtual databases that are powered by Delphix improve data management service level agreements (SLAs) through functionalities that can't be duplicated on physical infrastructures that include the following:

  • self-service provisioning
  • rollback and recovery of databases without the need for backups or tapes
  • synchronization of multiple databases located in different geographies
  • simplified migration of databases across versions and OSs

Furthermore, Delphix provides virtualization support for SQL Server databases and clusters. Delphix does this by creating read-write virtual copies of SQL Server databases through a simple self-service interface. Also, Delphix 3.0 can be easily integrated into existing management tools, such as system monitoring and runbook automation operational tools.

For more SQL Server Pro articles on virtualization, see "Will the Cloud Kill Virtualization?" and "The Inevitable Virtualization of SQL Server." Visit Delphix's product page to learn more about Delphix 3.0.

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