Dealing with a Task-Pad Error

I regularly get an annoying error message from Enterprise Manager when I try to view database information through the Task Pad view. Figure 1 shows the dialog box that displays the error message. When I click Yes or No, Enterprise Manager continues but doesn't display the information in the Task Pad view. I've searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base but haven't found any information about this error message. How can I get the Task Pad view to work correctly?

I don't have a solution for the underlying bug, but I do know a workaround. After you receive the error message, select Large Icons from the View drop-down menu, then switch back to Task Pad. Voila! I don't know why this fixes the problem or how to predict when you'll get the error message again, but this trick gets the Task Pad view to display. Thanks to Kimberly Tripp for sharing this workaround.

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