DatAdvantage Provides Visibility and Control Over Data

Often times, a user is granted permission to access certain data but those permissions are never revoked (even if the user no longer accesses that data), resulting in oversubscribed users. It then becomes a time-consuming job for your IT department to determine who has access to what data, what privileges users have, and who owns what data.
            Varonis DatAdvantage gives organizations total visibility and control over their data, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right data. DatAdvantage automates the task of deciding who should have permission to data by going into your Active Directory (AD), pulling out information about users and access events, and synthesizing this information to give recommendations as to which users should be able to access certain data. DatAdvantage also continually monitors users' permissions and access behavior to see what data is active in an organization's file system. Inactive or stale data sets can then be moved into storage.
            According to Johnnie Konstantas, the vice president of marketing for Varonis, DatAdvantage is unobtrusive and doesn't require organizations to make changes to their IT infrastructure. DatAdvantage supports multiple AD domains and file servers and requires Windows Server 2003 and a standard SQL Server 2005 license to run. This product is licensed by the number of users in AD.

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