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Culture might be the most important and least talked about aspect of building successful business.

Shared culture and vision within a team and its leaders might be the single most important thing that determines the long term success of a company. A vast multiple of books talking about ‘having the right team’ and most people are familiar with catch phrases like ‘get the right people on the bus’. But what does it mean to have the right people on the bus?

Talent, skills, character, and many other things matter. But I’ve come to believe that having a shared culture is what matters most. In my experience it’s also what companies tend to focus on the least. One blog post won’t convince you I’m right so I won’t try.

But I will share this tip with you.

 It’s a lot easier to define and defend corporate culture ever it may be before you have built your team. What happens if you defined the culture later and not everyone buys into the vision and culture? Well, you might need to kick a bunch of otherwise great folks ‘off the bus’ and find new passengers.  Culture and shared vision bind teams together.

Does your company have a culture? Do you know what it is? Does the team know?

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