Create a BI Environment on a Mobile Device

Create a BI Environment on a Mobile Device

Today, DSPanel announced its Mobile Performance Canvas for SQL Server, which is a server that’s dedicated to mobile business intelligence (BI). Mobile Performance Canvas for SQL Server lets business users create a custom BI environment on any mobile device. "Mobility in BI is going mainstream. We've seen the need for a turnkey solution for Mobile Business Intelligence that really enables Business People to quickly create and adapt the solutions they bring on the road to manage performance," said DSPanel CEO Jan Morath. The product doesn’t leave a footprint and uses Web 2.0 and AJAX to create a What You See Is What You Analyze (WYSIWA) environment.

Mobile Performance Canvas for SQL Server “provides immediate business value on top of the Microsoft BI Platform featuring advanced support for communication, collaboration and actions,” according to DSPanel. The product includes the Mobile Performances Canvas Application Server, which provides business users with the Canvas Designer, which is a zero-footprint AJAX web interface that you can use to create mobile BI applications and documents, and the Mobile Canvas Explorer, which is the UI for end users. It also includes sample dashboard and scorecard designs, as well as access to online training.

This product was designed to be used with SQL Server 2008; however, it’s also compatible with SQL Server 2005. Mobile Performance Canvas for SQL Server supports all of the major mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, the iPhone, Android, Nokia, and Symbian. For more information about this product, go to or email [email protected].

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