Computer Associates Certifies Vertices

B&L Associates Inc.'s Vertices, an enterprisewide open systems media management system, achieved Computer Associates International Inc.'s (CA) "Unicentered" integration level. The integration of Vertices with Unicenter TNG lets IT managers fully integrate removable media with online media management and storage activities. B& L also joined CA's Unicenter TNG Development Partner Program. Vertices manages removable physical media-such as magnetic tape, disk, CD-ROM, DLT, and other media-generated by distributed systems, and from numerous sources, including Windows NT, UNIX, and traditional mainframe environments. "Unicenter TNG offers customers more choices and investment protection by bringing together CA's core . applications with outstanding third-party solutions," says Michael Kramer, B&L Associates sales and marketing vice president. "Media management is often handled as a separate function, disconnected from centralized systems management. By integrating Vertices with Unicenter TNG, CA customers have the opportunity to make removable media management an integral part of their overall systems control."

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