Companies Announce New SAP Benchmarks

Microsoft, Unisys, and Giganet announced that Giganet's cLAN server farm network products helped achieve a breakthrough SAP R/3 benchmark on Windows 2000 (Win2K), running SQL Server 2000. The benchmark, running on Unisys [email protected] Optimized Servers for SAP R/3 interconnected with a Giganet cLAN server farm network, achieved unprecedented performance levels in a SAP sales and distribution environment using the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. The benchmark reinforces cLAN's ability to provide mission-critical Internet and commercial applications with high levels of performance and scalability. "Microsoft has a long-standing relationship with Giganet, ...scaling Windows-based clusters to their full potential," says Marie Huwe, Microsoft’s group product manager. "This impressive benchmark far exceeded our expectations, proving...the value of Giganet cLAN in Windows clustering." The benchmark ran in a three-tiered environment that included 40 eight-way Unisys ES5085 and 4 four-way Unisys ES5045 Optimized Servers for SAP R/3. The configuration supported 6600 users and posted an average response time of less than 1.95 seconds. "Once again, our enterprise servers demonstrate optimized performance and scalability for mission-critical Windows-based environments," says G.W. Smith, Unisys’ head of worldwide business solutions. "Interconnected with cLAN, we can serve more users at a much faster response time, which is critical for e-commerce."

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