Cognos Supports Nasdaq and AMEX

In an agreement to provide a performance charting solution for Web users, The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group turned to Cognos to provide a new financial charting solution to support online financial reporting. Web site visitors can use the charting solution to analyze corporate performances for Nasdaq, American Stock Exchange, and New York Stock Exchange companies. Users can see how a selected company compares among key financial measures relative to the appropriate Nasdaq Index, averages for its overall sector, and sector companies of similar size. “An explosion of Internet and online trading has revolutionized the world of investing,” says Donald H. Bosic, Nasdaq-Amex Market Group senior vice president for worldwide marketing. The financial data is supplied by Primark a leading provider of financial and business research information. Cognos will provide charts that cover key financials, such as revenue, return on equity, and profit margins. Free access to the service is available through and Users who want to perform more sophisticated analyses can download a free version of Cognos PowerPlay.

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