Cognos Joins Informix, HP Program

Informix announced that Cognos joined the Certified Data Warehouse (CDW) program. Sponsored jointly by Informix and Hewlett-Packard, CDW is designed to reduce the risks and costs of implementing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. PowerPlay, Cognos’ OLAP application, is pretested and certified to run with Informix’s Dynamic Server database and the HP 9000 model and HP NetServer systems. The three companies are targeting SAP’s Certified Business Information Warehouse Program (SAP BW) to offer customers additional analytic capabilities. PowerPlay provides OLAP analysis and reporting capabilities in a Web or non-Web environment and will provide SAP BW customers an end-to-end solution, from hardware to software and database to analytical applications. “Informix and HP have jointly invested in the CDW program with the goal of providing our customers the best environment for deploying Business Intelligence solutions quickly and easily,” says Jennie Grimes, HP Business Critical Computing Business Unit’s intelligence solutions manager. “We are pleased to bring Cognos’ additional functionality to our SAP BW customers so that those needing Web-based extended analytic capabilities can now take advantage of Cognos PowerPlay in a pretested, precertified environment.” The combined solution was demonstrated last month in Basel, Switzerland, at the SAP BW Congress.

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