CodePlex Coolness

I first heard about CodePlex at TechEd 2006 at a small booth/kiosk in the Microsoft Cabana area of the exhibit hall.  It was the end of the show and the exhibit hall works were trying to unload the last few tchotchkies (t-shirts in this case) so they wouldn't have to tote them home. 

I was also really interested in the concept of CodePlex - a site to provide useful extensions to SQL Server (and other Microsoft products) and to provide example source code for people looking to write their own stored procedure code.  Everything in CodePlex is put together by volunteers for public consumption.  Now, I'm a big advocate for giving back to the community.  So I just love the whole CodePlex concept!

One new project you definitely want to check out is the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project, a set of sample stored procedures for Analysis Services 2005. The samples are written in C# and include a number of sample MDX queries that demonstrate the use of the procedures against the Adventure Works DW sample database. It includes the following samples:

Some examples of the samples in the project include: AsymmetricSet, TimeToCalculate,  GetCubeLastProcessedDate, FindCurrentMember, RandomSample, InverseHierarchility, Like, and many more. 

If you're learning how to program Analysis Services, this is a great tool to have in your kit.



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