Changes in Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer

What are the changes in Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer that I should know about when I upgrade from SQL Server 7.0 to SQL Server 2000?

When you're upgrading from SQL Server 7.0 to 2000, you need to be aware of several changes in Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer. For example, the connection defaults have changed for the tools and for Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages. SQL Server 2000 Books Online (BOL) documents these changes. Look for the sections that describe installing SQL Server, upgrading, and backward compatibility.

Here's an example of a Query Analyzer change. In SQL Server 7.0 and earlier, the SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER default setting for Query Analyzer is OFF. In SQL Server 2000, this option's default setting for Query Analyzer—as well as for ODBC and OLE DB—is ON. Moreover, several of SQL Server 2000's new features, such as indexed views and indexes on computed columns, require this option to be ON. If you use double quotation marks for strings when QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is ON, as you did in SQL Server 7.0, you'll receive a syntax error, which might derail scripts that you wrote for SQL Server 7.0's Query Analyzer. In SQL Server 2000, you should use single quotes around these strings by default.

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