Change Tracking in SQL Server Books

The topic of change tracking within the SQL Server Books On-line (BOL) recently came up in a private discussion among the MVPs.


So, I’m just curious.  Would you like to see some form of change tracking in the BOL?  For that matter, would you like to see something similar in IT books, such as my own “SQL in a Nutshell” book ( published by O’Reilly.  


Of course, there are many ways to incorporate change tracking into a document.  You could use a revision history table at the start of the document.  You could simply put a timestamp that said “New: October 2006” or “Updated: March 2006”.  Or you might do like they do in the open source world and have a separate document that exhaustively describes all changes in the documentation.


The first question about this approach is – do you like it?  If so, how much information in the change tracking is enough?  And finally, how significant of a change should it be before it is tracked?


I appreciate your thoughts!



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