Certification Twitter Feeds, Thoughts, and More - 18 Aug 2009

I tend to be a mid-to-late adopter of the latest fad in technology. I went through four years of college without ever creating a Facebook page (but did eventually cave in to the evil). I didn't get a cell phone until I was married, since tacking another line on costs about 1/6 the price of getting your own line (though, it's still total bare bones…you know, one of the ones you get for free with your plan). And now, I've been seeing all this news about Twitter, and I've resisted in typical fashion, hiding my eyes while holding a cross made of two fingers.

Well, I finally gave in to that. And for good reason, too. Some of the best training & certification news out there is on Twitter. Want to find out about the latest Microsoft certifications? Just follow MSLearning. If you're interested in Cisco news, you can follow CiscoPress. And finally, there's lots of entrepreneur feeds out there if you're interested in starting your own business, such as Guy Kawasaki's feed. (Have to warn you though, you have to sift through the fluff for the valuable content on that one.)

Of course, the other option is to follow my feed (breinholz) and let me decide what's worth hearing from all these feeds. In the feed, I'll focus primarily on training & certification, mobility, and breaking news--the same kinds of stuff I usually write articles on.

As for those of you who are sick of hearing about Twitter--I'm right there with you. But eventually we'll all crack and fall in line. Tweet ya later.

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