Celko interview

From my friend and MVP Chuck Boyce:


I just FINALLY arrived at a way to in some way salvage the hideous mess that I created when Adam Machanic interviewed Joe Celko at the 2006 Professional Association for SQL Server Summit.

Suffice it to say that the following will rarely produce quality video:

1. Place very bright TV lights at people already bathed in sunlight...extra points if one of them is bald.
2. Place the people you're about to film on a sofa in a hallway that's DIRECTLY outside the doors of an exhibit hall that will close right in the middle of your film shoot so they can all walk past the interview and make an awful lot of noise.
3. Make sure that your expensive high-end digital audio recorder doesn't use the expensive rechargeable batteries you bought for them so that you'll be forced to use the "last resort" telescoping mic you'd never even consider as your primary audio source.
4. Make sure that you, the producer, chat EXTREMELY loudly with friends just off-camera because the expensive high-end digital audio recorder will never pick that up and you'd never need to use that backup audio, right?

So, with HUGE apologies to Adam Machanic, I commend you to our YouTube channel where you can soon see some clips of Adam's interview with Joe Celko (just as soon
as YouTube's ocean of server farms can replicate the video throughout their system).

The URL is http://YouTube.com/SolidQuality

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