Calling All Readers

Time flies when you're having fun! This is the 172nd SQL Server Magazine UPDATE commentary I've written, and it occurs to me that I haven't asked for reader input in ages. So this week, I'm not going to share any SQL Server news with you, and I'm not going to wax poetic (or not so poetic) about a SQL Server topic that's dear to my heart. Instead, I'm asking you to do two things.

First, tell me how I'm doing with this commentary. Do you like it? Would you like me to cover different kinds of topics? Would you like more technical information? More news coverage? More opinion? Tell me what you think.

Second, tell me what you think is interesting in the world of SQL Server and databases in general. What's your latest pet peeve? What are you passionate about as a database professional? What interesting trends do you see developing?

Email is free, so don't be afraid to write. I'm sure that each of you has dozens of interesting thoughts and ideas. I might write about some individually; I might combine some with the thoughts and ideas of other readers. Some will create dialogues that we can examine in future commentaries. Let's see where your input can take us.

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