Building the Best Data Content Tracks for IT/Dev Connections

The call for content has officially closed on this year's IT/Dev Connections conference, which is coming your way at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas, September 14-17, 2015.  Now comes the hard part for me: trying to narrow down the 181 submissions across the Data Platform and Business Intelligence track to (40) 75-minute sessions with three full-day workshops.

I hate data cleansing!

This will now be my third year managing the Data track at IT/Dev Connections and my job seems to get harder every year.  I remember my first year in this position and the session submission counts were about 60% of where they are now.  It was hard then to pare down the abstracts into a final set of sessions.  What complicates the matter is that I have very good relationships - friendships in many cases - with the submitters.  No one hates to tell a friend "No," but I can only accept a small number of the available sessions.

Overall the track leaders have to pare down more than 750 submissions into a total of roughly 190 sessions across five tracks:

  • Cloud and Data Center
  • Data Platform and BI
  • Development
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Management and Mobility

While I can't give away all my secrets on who I'm picking, I can tell you that attendees at this year's IT/Dev Connections will be sitting in sessions about the following topics:

75-Minute Sessions:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Best Practices for DBAs (and Developers too!)
  • High Availability (with a heavy emphasis on Availability Groups)
  • Service Broker
  • tempDB Tuning
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Compression
  • DevOps
  • Benchmarking
  • Consolidation Best Practices
  • Power BI
  • Power Query
  • Execution Plans
  • and More!

We expect selections to be finalized the week of March 16 and we'll be sure to update you here at as sessions are announced.


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