BudgetPLUS Exceeds Estimated Growth Rate

Comshare announced that BudgetPLUS, its flagship product, is surpassing the budgeting and planning market’s estimated annual growth rate of 40 percent, posting a calendar-year 1999 revenue growth of 53 percent. Driving BudgetPLUS's performance is the broader appeal of Comshare’s Web-architected platform, openness to relational and multidimensional database technologies, and attention to customer needs, the company says. Comshare BudgetPLUS fosters collaboration and unites planning, budgeting, financial consolidation, and reporting and analysis processes within an ongoing, closed-loop system for management planning and control. "Comshare has a wonderful user interface—Web browser interface—that it’s put a lot of clever thought into," says analyst Gary Simon, a principal with Deloitte & Touche Management Solutions. "Comshare hasn’t just duplicated its GUI interface from the client/server system but thought carefully about how to present the information on the Web to make it intuitive."

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