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Bradmark Updates DBSurveillance Monitoring Suite

Bradmark Technologies announces SurveillanceDB 4.3, a suite that offers real-time monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data archiving, and reporting. According to the vendor, benefits gained from the product include automated event management, increased resolution efficiency, alert and event notification, and resource usage identification. New features in the latest release include: a redesigned GUI for heterogeneous database monitoring, support for the latest versions of SQL Server and Windows Server, and more. 

“Version 4.3 demonstrates Bradmark’s commitment to broadening and deepening the support for Surveillance enterprise customers,” said, Brad Tashenberg, CEO, Bradmark Technologies, Inc. “With this new functionality, Bradmark also demonstrates the ability to deliver timely and functionally rich value to our customers,” says Tashenberg.

To learn more or try a free demo, visit Bradmark Technologies' website.

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