Bluestone Helps Medical Professionals Share Information

The Statistical Center for the Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) selected Bluestone Software’s Total-e-Server as the e-business infrastructure for sharing clinical trial information among 7000 medical professionals. Total-e-Server will replace or link portions of an existing client/server system that currently provides access to clinical trial data. The pure Java and platform-independent Bluestone system will provide easier and secure access to clinical trial information for approximately 300 affiliated institutions and allow CALGB to reduce system maintenance costs, improve reporting capabilities, and provide the flexibility to support any application platform. Native databases supported by Total-e-Server include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2, and any JDBC or ODBC databases. CALGB is a large multidisciplinary cooperative cancer treatment group funded by the National Cancer Institute. As the entity responsible for CALGB’s data management and statistical activities, the Statistical Center collects, tracks, and conducts statistical analysis of large-scale clinical trial data. The Bluestone system will help CALGB provide greater and simpler access to clinical trial data and share the results with its affiliated institutions and potentially individual trial participants, according to Michael Moloney, CALGB Statistical Center’s information systems director. “We believe that the ability to allow broader secure access to the information stored in the centralized database will result in more effective clinical trials, ultimately helping in the effort to bring a better standard of care to patients.”

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