Big Data Is New--Not

Big Data Is New--Not

In the grand scheme of things, "big data" is an idea as old as ideas.

Big data is changing everything, including the database market as we know it today. Big data is enabling companies to make decisions they could never have made before. Big data is new.

Wait. What?

A great post over at SmartData Collective offers up what is basically a "brief" history of data--starting with 18,000 BCE.

The post, written by Big Data Guru Bernard Marr, takes the reader from tally stick analytics in those long, long ago days, to the first relational databases, to the year when the term "big data" first emerged (1997), all the way up to today, when "big data" is not just a measure of information, not just a technology, not just a buzz term, but a different way of thinking about information.

But, in the end, it's all information.

"What this [timeline] teaches us is that Big Data is not a new or isolated phenomenon, but one that is part of a long evolution of capturing and using data," said Marr in the post. "Like other key developments in data storage, data processing and the Internet, Big Data is just a further step that will bring change to the way we run business and society. At the same time it will lay the foundations on which many evolutions will be built."

It will be interesting to see what's next on the "big data" timeline.

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