Best of TechEd 2014 Database Winners

Best of TechEd 2014 Database Winners

At Microsoft TechEd 2014 in Houston, today we're honoring this year's Best of TechEd Award winners. In this highly-competitive awards program, we recognize spectacular products from leaders in the database industry within the Microsoft ecosystem. If you've missed it, you can see this year's finalists in our SQL Server Pro article. As always, our criteria for selecting the winners are based on the products' strategic importance to the market, competitive advantage, and value to the customer.

Without further ado, here's our 2014 Best of TechEd winners for our database-related categories! Congratulations!

Backup and Recovery

InMage 4000

The InMage 4000 is an appliance that provides real-time backup, sync, and restore and works with Windows Server, Linux, UNIX, as well as, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, XenServer, and KVM. InMage 4000 works with the a wide variety of platforms and incorporates a full disaster recovery solution that can utilize both on-premise and cloud-based storage while minimizing network impact.


Dell Software's Toad Development Suite for SQL Server

Dell's Toad Development Suite for SQL Server is a database development, query tuning, and performance monitoring tool. This solution won this year’s Best of TechEd database award because it now couples its powerful query tuning capabilities with Dell’s Benchmark Factory. It also includes query tuning tools to help you write better performing queries, in addition to its benchmarking capability that will help businesses evaluate  SQL Server 2014’s new In-Memory OLTP capability.

Special Microsoft recognition in this category: SQL Server 2014

In the database category, we chose to call out Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014. The latest version of SQL Server has the potential to revolutionize application performance with its new In-Memory OLTP engine. The In-Memory OLTP engine can improve application performance by as much as 30x with no hardware changes.

See You Next Year!

And that wraps it up! Be sure to visit Windows IT Pro for a complete list of winners across all nine product categories. Stay tuned for more updates for TechEd 2014, exclusively from SQL Server Pro.

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