Been to the Microsoft SQL Server sites lately?

If you haven't taken a look at the official Microsoft websites that support SQL Server - that is, the TechNet and MSDN sites - then you really should do yourself a favor and look around.

Microsoft undertook a major update to the SQL Server websites back during the time of the SQL Server 2005 "Ready to Rock" launch campaign.

The old SQL Server TechNet site was rebuilt as the SQL Server Tech Center (, with a brand new focus on SQL Server 2005.  Don't worry.  The good ol' SQL Server 2000 content is still there.  But the focus is unabashedly on SQL Server 2005.

Similarly, the old SQL Server Devloper Center was rebuilt as a DevCenter (  Not only is the DevCenter tuned up for SQL Server 2005, the new information architecture should make it easier to find resources that you're looking for.

The venerable home of SQL Server on the web ( is still around, but it's focus is on the presales and evaluation phase of a purchase cycle for whatever happens to be the current release of the product.  There shouldn't be too much, if any, technical content there any more.

So, if you haven't been to the new sites - take a look.  There's lots of new content and more is added all the time.



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