Automate Database Code Deployment - 05 Dec 2008

Combine 4.0, the latest version of JNetDirect’s database management and code deployment application, is now available. This product automates database code and daily administrative deployments (e.g., repetitive and compliance deployments). The latest version of Combine includes support for x64 systems and updated Window and Pane rendering. In addition, Combine 4.0’s Installer now uses Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and installs SQL Server 2008 Native Client and SQL Server 2008 Shared Management Objects.

According to JNetDirect, Combine 4.0 lets you easily move projects between your development, production, and quality assurance (QA) environments. It also enables you to deploy code to your remote sites all at once. In addition, this product offers one-click deployment, detailed deployment results, command-line functionality, a task scheduler, and intellisense.

Combine 4.0 works in environments of all sizes and supports SQL Server 2008. You can learn more about Combine 4.0 at

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