Auditing for Azure SQL Database Exits Preview

Auditing for Azure SQL Database Exits Preview

In August of this year, Microsoft introduced its new Auditing feature for Azure SQL DB in preview. Now, just 3 months on, the feature has been made available for general availability.

SQL Database Auditing is delivered with the intent to improve the organization’s ability to proactively monitor events and changes that occur within the database, including updates and queries against the data. Enabling Auditing is a very simple process and takes only a few minutes. Once enabled and configured, the Auditing engine tracks all incoming and outgoing events from the selected SQL Database.

Auditing is available for all Basic, Standard and Premium databases, and can be managed either through the Azure Management Portal or by using Windows PowerShell commands.

To get a better understanding of how Auditing works and help realize the value it brings, dig through this 20 minute Channel 9 video…

Additional resource: Get started with SQL database auditing

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