Audit DB 6.2 Offers Enhanced Performance and Reporting

Audit DB 6.2, the latest version of Lumigent Technologies’ data auditing, policy management, and database assessment product, is now available.  This product monitors database activity and alerts you to inappropriate access and use of sensitive data, as well as misuse of rules and policies. It also assesses your databases to determine what has happened to your data in the past and what could happen with your data in the future. In addition, Audit DB is the main technology in Lumigent's AppGRC, which is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) suite for business applications.

Audit DB 6.2 has been enhanced to provide faster collection and reporting times, new reporting functionality, and more streamlined documentation, among other things. One enhancement included in Audit DB 6.2 is improved support for SQL Server clusters. Lumigent says “Audit DB 6.2 significantly reduces the complexity and effort involved with setting up database activity monitoring in clustered SQL Server environments.” In addition, this product now offers improved and streamlined rule and policy migration functionality. Audit DB 6.2 lets you import and export rules and policies across systems. According to Lumigent, Audit DB’s upgrade process has also been enhanced to test and verify Audit DB 6.2 when upgrading from previous versions of the product.

Pricing for Audit DB 6.2 starts at $13,650. For more information about Audit DB 6.2, email [email protected], call 866-586-4436, or visit

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