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Are You Up-to-Date on Tools Featured in the Tool Time Column?

I've always enjoyed writing the Tool Time column and seeing all of the hard work that various enthusiasts, MVPs, and tinkerers put in to creating new and useful tools for the SQL Server niche.

I have very few requirements for the tools that I write about in the column - they must be free and non-commercial, they must be useful to SQL Server users, and they must be actively supported.  But one of the things that I sometimes lose track of, despite the fact of my own prerequisites for the tools I write about, is the fact that many of the tools are frequently updated.

As I encounter updates to the various tools I've written about, I always try to post new information about them in Tool Time Discussions here on  But you can also keep up with the blogs of the tool creators.  Here are some examples:

- Davide Mauri, author of the excellent SSIS tool known as DTLoggedExec added an update here on June 14th
- Ola Hallengren, creator of one of the more popular database preventative maintence scripts, puts new updates up quit frequently here
- Adam Machanic's excellent stored procedure, SP_WhoIsActive, is always kept up to date here
- Bill Graziano's very useful ClearTrace tracing utility was update just a couple months ago here

Be sure to keep up with these authors directly!

And also be sure to let me know if you see any interesting and useful new tools to share with the SQL Server community.  Thanks,

 Twitter @kekline

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