Are you a console gamer?

First, let me say a big “THANK YOU” for reading my blog all of this time.  I hope you’ve found it usually useful, sometimes entertaining, and rarely boring. 


I’m going to go off-topic here in search of some feedback from y’all.  I’m curious about what sort of game consoles and games you like.  Are you the type that only has games and game consoles for the kids?  Or do you have every sort of game console, plus the good ol’ PC, and have no kids?


Do you like first person shoot-em-ups like Halo, third-person action games like Diablo, or something of a more controlled pace like, oh, Balder’s Gate?  Or are you more into sports or racing games?


Why am I asking this, you wonder?  Well, a friend of mine in executive leadership wondered aloud if the US was moving towards a more European-style of leisure time.  I think my derisive snort was a little too loud.  So I thought that the first place to start looking (at least in our computer technologist world) is our gaming tendencies.  I would also guess that many of us are TV addicts.  But I also believe that very few of us work short days and take long vacations in the way that Europeans do.  What’s your experience?

Of course, the main reason I want to know about your gaming activities is that's about my only leisure activity.  So I'm curious - are you in the same boat as me?  

Let me know what you think!



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