Anything new on the horizon for BPA

The SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) is a really neat tool that tells you whether you're using industry accepted best practices in setting up and configuring SQL Server 2000.  Paul Mestemaker, the program lead for BPA, mentioned that the team is hard at work on a release that will support SQL Server 2005 some time in the second half of this year.  The BPA team is looking for your feedback at their team blog:

The most popularly requested feature for BPA is the ability to create new rules of your own.  You can get this capability right now with the Desired Configuration Monitor (DCM) Solution Accelerator. The DCM team blog is at:

You can download DCM at  Note that DCM is a part of Systems Management Server.  At some point in the future, DCM will probably have templates for most of the major Microsoft products like SQL Server, Exchange, and so forth.



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